Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Carl's Steak

Boohoohoo. I accidentally deleted today's lunch from the camera. Which is a real pity because it was goooood. Short of having cheesesteaks in their city of origin, Carl's Steaks is considered pretty damn authentic considering we're 100 miles away from Philly. Our only complaint would be the inefficiency of their setup, as we watched sandwich after sandwich pile up on the counter, waiting to be served. The woman preparing the orders was wrapping as fast as humanly possible but it still took FOREVER before we escaped the cramped hole-in-the-wall with sandwich in hand. We did manage to make an urban picnic of it, sitting on the steps at 33rd and Park Ave, and making it back to the office in time to miss the rain.
Carl's Steaks, 507 Third Ave, NY, NY 10016 (above 33rd St)

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