Monday, February 26, 2007

Broome St Bar

02-26 Broome St Bar pigwich02-26 Broome St Bar burger
02-26 Broome St Bar originally uploaded by Front Studio.

The menu was so promising but the meal disappointing. When you're in the mood for a bar burger and fries but the burger comes out on a pita and the fries are soggy, that just doesn't satisfy any kind of craving. The side salad was simple and light and the "pigwich" ham, swiss and tomoto perfectly fine but that's hardly worth going back to the Broome St. Bar. Unless there's something else we should be trying here.

Broome St. Bar, 363 West Broadway at Broome


Unknown said...

The only thing more disapointing than the pita bun on the burger was the roach that ran staight for it across the length of the bar immediately following my first (and last) bite.

Front Studio said...

Dude! Disgusting! So what you're trying to say is... NOT worth going back.