Tuesday, February 27, 2007

La Conquita or La Conquista?

02-27 La Conquita
02-27 La Conquita originally uploaded by Front Studio.

The roast pork at this little Domincan hole-in-the-wall, La Conquita, around the corner from us is divine but you have to get there early before it sells out. Today the nice lady behind the counter threw in a roast pork rib for us to try. For $7 you get rice, beans, choice of meat, plantains and onions if you want them. They had to raise their prices last spring but it's still a great deal.

La Conquista, 236 Lafayette Street above Spring


Oberon said...

......i was raised on good mexican food.....don't you just love it?

Adrian Lai said...

Awesome...Just went today!

Unknown said...

You get quite a bit of food too. You can easily split it into lunch and dinner, or share with a friend. :)