Friday, March 9, 2007

BonBon Chicken

03-09 Bon Bon Chicken03-09 Bon Bon Chicken
What a great day for a walk downtown, the sun is out and this weekend promises to be warm. The most amazing thing about this fried chicken joint, BonBon Chicken is not their promise of "redefining fried chicken" but that there is absolutely no odor of fried foods in the entire seating area. Maybe because your order comes out of a mysterious small metal door behind the cashier, all neatly packaged in design-y bags. Like a cold beer on a hot summer day, the first bite is the best. The skin is lightly fried, perfectly crispy and the spicy sauce sweet. The squishy buns and coleslaw provide a nice counterpoint. We only wish they would have included a wet nap with the order.

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