Thursday, March 8, 2007

Cafe El Portal, with Joe Calabrese

03-08 Cafe El Portal03-08 Cafe El Portal03-08 Cafe El Portal03-08 Cafe El Portal
For lunch today we met up with Joe Calabrese (former classmate, current friend and all around sweet guy) at a local neighborhood favorite, Cafe El Portal. Everyone loves this unobtrusive brightly colored Mexican restaurant; the homey atmosphere beats Mexican Radio anyday. If you're really hungry get the waitress to bring you a bowl of freshly fried tortilla chips and homemade guacamole before your order. Neither the tamales nor the huevos selection are on the regular menu but they always seem to be available for lunch. The chilled cucumber juice is divine, even in the dead of winter.
Cafe El Portal, 174 Elizabeth Street below Spring

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Unknown said...

Another one of my favorite lunch spots. It was just down the street from the AvroKO offices. I don't think we ever knew the name so we called it the "little blue Mexican place" because the entry was painted blue.