Wednesday, March 14, 2007

BRGR, lunch with Alaina B.

03-14 BRGR inside03-14 BRGR
Late lunch posting today but who's complaining, it was the perfect afternoon for running around between lunch and work meetings. Alaina works at Serious Eats, a foodie site filled with a plethora of food food food related articles. We planned to meet up near her at the new BRGR joint across from FIT. The interior was pleasantly surprising, not at all trendy fast food joint but warm and bustling. Alaina and I concurred that the buns here are perfectly proportioned to the fillings. They're soft and squishy and the insides stay where they belong, not squeezed out the other side. It's not exactly a cheap-o lunch but it's probably worth trying #5 with horseradish at least once.

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