Monday, March 5, 2007

New Chao Chow

03-05 New Chao Chow03-05 New Chao Chow
Ed Schoenfeld writes for NY Mag on New Chao Chow's wonton soup: "both excel in wonton soup. New Chao’s broth is outstanding, flavored with fresh herbs and white radish, and topped with pickle and fresh cilantro." We have to disagree, the broth was over-sweet and the wontons not memorable. The only reason worth picking New Chao Chow over any of the other Chinatown spots is for the rarely found soup, Hủ Tiếu. Theirs will satisfy a craving but is by no means authentic.
New Chao Chow, 111 Mott Street below Hester

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Anonymous said...

Hu tieu is indeed a very, very fine soup. One I miss an awful lot...

Many thankf for your email and have fun with your wee fun blog :)