Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Nhà Hàng Xe Lửa

03-28 Xe Lửa03-28 Xe Lửa03-28 Xe Lửa03-28 Xe Lửa
A very happy chance lunch today at Nhà Hàng Xe Lửa, not your typical Chinatown Vietnamese restaurant. Maybe it was the blue water boat menus or the "beach" themed interior, but this place left us feeling very pleasantly satisfied. Who knows if they were genuine Viets or Chinese born ones, who cares! The bún thịt heo nướng (grilled pork over vermicelli) and the phở tái (raw beef oxtail soup) were refreshing, meat cuts thinly sliced and tender. Even the phở broth had a slightly different, maybe more subtle taste than the usual Nha Trang or Phớ Bang. The bún chả giò (spring rolls over vermicelli) was the only disappointment, don't bother. This could be our new go to Vietnamese lunch spot!

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