Thursday, March 1, 2007


Or was it providence today? We had walked down to Canal to a favorite Vietnamese hole-in-the-wall at the end of a row of watch and jewelry vendors. They make homemade soups I seldom find in other restaurants like Bún bò Huế and Bún riêu. It's hard to find so we thought we had walked by or hadn't gone far enough but alas, it was gone. Despondent, we wandered on wondering what we were going to eat for lunch today. And then ah sweet Province. The short rib and kimchi sandwich was delicious! A little bit of kimchi, even when it's not spectacular goes a long way. In honor of National Pig Day we tried the spicy pork and braised pork shoulder sandwiches too. They reminded us of momofuku's steamed buns.
Province Chinese Canteen, 305 Church Street at Walker

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