Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Silent H

03-13 Silent H
We had a site visit in Williamsburg today so it seemed like a good opportunity to check out the latest bánh mì contender. A real Vietnamese mom was sitting at a back table, wrapping fresh summer rolls, a very good sign. Silent H is fairly new, it feels like the kinks are still being worked out, but they're on the right track for sure. Authenticity is hard to define, in Vietnam you buy bánh mì from street vendors and it's ghetto street eating. Here at Silent H the bánh mì is made of impressively fresh ingredients on a lightly toasted Vietnamese version of a French baguette. The resulting sandwich is better than authentic.


Anonymous said...

Yum looks deee-licious! I'm a viet sandwich junkie and it's never enough for me. Can you tell me where this viet place is in williamsburg?


And I love your blog!

Front Studio said...

We're glad you like the blog! Silent H is at the corner of 9th and Berry, a very short walk from the L train Bedford stop. Definitely check it out.