Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Big Wing Wong

04-25 Big Wing Wong04-25 Big Wing Wong
For a definitively satisfying and always reliable noodle soup, Big Wing Wong is the way to go. Their congee is pretty good as well, although we suspect it's the superior roast meats that make the soups so delicious. And for a yummy side dish, order the fried dough sticks. It never fails to bring a happy smile of delight. In English we've heard it called fried bread, fried dough sticks or chinese crullers but in Mandarin it's known as you tiao and in Cantonese try you za gui.


Miss Tiffie said...

OH YUM!!! I love eating the you tao with hot fresh soy milk!!!

Front Studio said...

So funny because we've only ever eaten it with hot soup or congee, I never even thought of trying with hot soy milk.

Anonymous said...

The hot soy milk is particular to Northern China, especially if you drink it salty. As is eating it with you tiao. In Southern China, they tend to have their soy milk sweet regardless of whether it is hot or cold. And the literal translation of "yow zah gwai" in Cantonese means "oil-fried devil", supposedly a street protest against the foreign domination of China (the cruller represented the foreigner which was then "tortured" in hot oil). Note that the definition of "foreigner" also included the final imperial dynasty of China which was of Manchu and not Han Chinese origin. Warmest regards from a fellow foodie. :-D