Monday, April 2, 2007


04-02 Nonya
Who knew Nyonya was actually a type of cuisine and not just the Malaysian restaurant around the corner where we go for our comfort food fried rice. A great spot for something more than comfort food, Nyonya also makes a delicious shrimp puff wrapped with crunchy bacon. Their roti canai (not pictured here) is another favorite of ours.


Anonymous said...

Actually, nothing at Nyonya is actually representative of Nyonya (ethnic Chinese who absorbed the Malay culture found in what was known as The Straits Settlements--modern day Malaysia and Singapore) cuisine. I'm from the region (lived there for over twenty years before moving to the USA) and I've found Nyonya (the restaurant) to be very inconsistent and the flavors very watered-down to the point that some of the sauces are just colored water to me and many of my fellow expatriate Singaporeans. In fact, the branch of Penang, on Elisabeth St, or Sanur, on Doyer St, has better food. Thus far, I have yet to find any restaurant that even serves Nyonya specialities in the New York region.

Front Studio said...

Thank you for the tip, and the background info. Have you read the Calvin Trillin article in the 9/3-9/10 food issue of the New Yorker? It's all about Singapore and a description of food that makes me want to drop everything and go!