Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ed's Lobster Bar

06-27 Ed's Lobster Bar06-27 Ed's Lobster Bar
In the aftermath of back to back work meetings and in anticipation of another looming deadline, we decided today was worthy of a tasty-licious kind of meal. Luckily Ed's Lobster Bar is now open for lunch and serving a delicious lobster roll. Not exactly a cheap option, the perfectly seasoned sandwich was the second most expensive item on the chalkboard today. But combined with a delectable bibb salad, we're feeling quite rejuvenated.

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Anonymous said...

yum, ed's was delicious for dinner; i'm sure it is for lunch too. turns out ed might be in a bit of trouble with this lawsuit against him by his former boss at pearl oyster:

i personally haven't had the caesar in either restaurant, but coddled egg? sounds awesome.