Friday, June 1, 2007

Once Upon a Tart

We've been to Once Upon a Tart before, but have never had such success with their roast pork sandwich until recently. Even with one skimpy layer of sliced pork, the sandwich is pretty satisfying. Accompanied by not your typical cole slaw salad, this combo makes a perfect summer lunch. Or try it with the chicken sandwich, another worthy lunch selection.

06-01 Once upon a Tart06-01 Once upon a Tart


sleung said...

I recently started a new job in the area, so I'm really grateful for all your lunch suggestions (with links attached), and I love the pictures. thanks very much for the Once Upon a Tart post! i had the mushroom & potato tart with the dill slaw salad - really savory and satisfying. Looking forward to reading more!

Front Studio said...

Glad you like the suggestions, hopefully we'll keep you satiated with lunch options.