Monday, July 16, 2007


07-16 Calexico
Calexico is not just a made-up meshing of the words California and Mexico but an actual town straddling the American-Mexican border. It is also an indie rock band and last but not least, a delicious food stand at the corner of Prince and Wooster. The Vendley brothers hadn't even been around for a year when Calexico was named a finalist in the 2006 Vendy Awards. A well deserved citation, the carne asada and chipolte pork tacos we had today for lunch were delectable. Sloppy, squishy and messy, but delectable.


Anonymous said...

Only thing better than Calexico is Mexicali. Those tacos look damn good.

Front Studio said...

You're right! Someone from Mexicali should get on it and set up a stand across the street for authenticity. And our eating pleasure.

El Bandini said...

wah wah wee wah those are some good looking tacos!

i'll be eating at calexico when i visit my friend in NY..

nice photo!