Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ed's Lobster Bar, with Iridesco 5.5

The real reason we met at Ed's Lobster Bar for lunch today is the lemonade, recently ranked #2 by NY Mag. It's impossible for us to ignore a descriptor like "perfectly balanced".
The secondary but no less important reason was to share a meal with our lunch mates, the Iridesco boys and the lovely lady of 5-1/2. We've already tried the lobster roll and bibb salad (delicious!) so we moved on to the caesar salad while Judy tested the clam chowder and house smoked trout salad. So far we have been extremely pleased with everything we've eaten here, including the lemonade.
08-23 Ed's Lobster Bar08-23 Ed's Lobster Bar
P.S. Thank you Danny for saving lunch with photos from iphone!
Ed's Lobster Bar, 222 Lafayette Street btwn Spring and Kenmare


Anonymous said...

Isn't this the guy who used to work at Pearl Oyster Bar
and is being sued for copying every facet of her business, from the look to the food (Including the ceasar salad)?

Front Studio said...

true enough, but lawsuits aside, we've found the food at ed's better than pearl's. although we have not tried the caesar at pearl's.