Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Shopsin's, lunch with Iridesco

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A veritable feast for lunch today at Shopsin's - it's a good thing the nice waitress warned us away from that extra plate of sliders else we would have been rendered immobile with food coma. Everything was pretty good and since we ordered across a wide range of styles, I imagine the entire second page of the menu should be equally as tasty. From top left, moving clockwise:
M: Rooster (nameplate sandwich): chicken salad, spicy cheddar and avocado
Y: Sloppy Joe Slyders
D: Cilantro Thin Dumpling soup with Chicken
S: Yin/Yang combination of Thai Chicken Pistachio Curry with guacamole rice
It would take another dedicated slew of meals before even making a dent in the extensive menu that is thoughtfully shown here.
Shopsin's, 120 Essex Street at the Essex Market, near Delancey


kathryn said...

Hooray! I love Shopsins. The waitress was probably Kenny's daughter. Had you guys ever been to the old location before it closed?

How long is the menu now? It used to be 8 pages, I think.

Front Studio said...

We love the old location! So much character and kitsch. The new menu is funny, it's not quite an 11x17 piece of paper CRAM PACKED with text on both sides.