Friday, September 14, 2007

Ray's Pizza

09-14 Ray's Pizza
A slew of meetings all week long ends in long but productive Friday morning meetings which also means less time for lunch today. Is it possible that the Ray's Pizza on Prince Street is the original one? According to wiki knowledge this is true but there is no special quality to the slice that couldn't be found at another Ray's, original or not.
Ray's Pizza, 27 Prince Street btwn Mott and Elizabeth


akuban said...

From what I understand, the one on Prince *is* the original one and the thing that made it special -- at the time -- was that it was the first place to really do tons of toppings on pizzas. You know, like the crazy salad-topped pizzas or the pasta-topped pizzas. After that, all the other Ray's opened and imitated.

Front Studio said...

Ahso! Then the real question is not who was the original but where is the best?

akuban said...

Where's the best? Beats the helloutta me!