Monday, November 12, 2007

Xôi gấc, lunch at FS

11-12 xôi gấc
We were supposed to have lunch out today but got caught up in a last minute rush of things. (Sorry Perrin!) Fortunately and unexpectedly we had a surprise visitor bearing homemade xôi gấc and some fresh chã lưạ. Phew, saved from a boring ordered-in lunch! Xôi gấc is glutinous rice made with the meat of a "momordica cochinensis" fruit, I suppose not commonly available here since I don't even recognize any of the common names for it. The fruit gives the rice its unique reddish coloring. It's normally made for special occasions like weddings and celebrations but a chilly Monday in November seems like a great occasion for some xôi gấc.

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Gac? New one on me. Read more at (but see better closeups at

Lots of good stuff on your blog!