Friday, January 25, 2008


For a most basic and cheap lunch try Penang's $4.95 Express Lunch Special Menu. Each "entree" comes with 2 egg rolls and a container of soup. There's nothing particularly special as far as Malaysian food goes but the portions are large, making it very good bang for buck.
Penang, 41 Elizabeth Street btwn Hester and Canal


Unknown said...

Is this the same Penang chain the used to be on Spring Street? I miss that place!

Anonymous said...

I went to this place based on this review and it was terrible. The soup was terrible as was the entre. I wasted my five bucks. The rolls were decent but it doesn't take a genius to fry up some spring rolls.

Front Studio said...

Oh! Sorry you had such a bad experience, we weren't really advocating the bees' knees at Penang, only that it was a cheap decent enough meal.