Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thịt Kho and Nộm

01-22 Thit Kho
Thịt Kho is classic Vietnamese comfort food, not often found in restaurants but always in the home. The effect of slow cooking cut-up pieces of pork belly in caramelized sugar mixed with nước mắm (fish sauce) and shallots is unbearably delicious. Throw in a hard boiled egg, add a side dish of nộm (cabbage salad) for contrast and you have yourself one wonderful meal.
Thịt Kho and Nộm, homemade


Anonymous said...

You eat it with rice, too, right? Because it's almost too savory without rice!

anke said...

I just discovered your blog, which makes me very hungry. Too bad I don't live in NYC :(

My favorite Chinese restaurant has a similar dish to this one that I really love. But I want to try this one! Do you have a recipe that you could post!?