Friday, February 1, 2008

La Nueva Conquista

02-01 La Nueva Conquista
Everyone must have had the same idea today - where is the path of least resistance to a lunch that would take some of the chill off this cold rainy day? The answer was found at La Nueva Conquista where we all jammed into the newly painted interior, waiting to order "roast pork with yellow rice and black beans, yes onions, no plantains thank you" or "beef stew with extra sauce and white rice, separate containers please".
La Nueva Conquista, 236 Lafayette Street near Spring
In response to Emily's comments about the origin of lunch today: Roast meats or stews over rice and beans are an integral element of the cuisines of many Latin Americans and some but not all Caribbean Islands. Everyone has their particular version but today's lunch was made by Dominicans. Cubans also make a very popular roast pork over rice.


Anonymous said...

oh wait you forgot to describe the limes, and that roast pork - how was it cooked? (to perfection I imagine).

So thanks for the lovely photo but for those of us who are not in NYC what kind of cuisine is this exactly? I'm fantasizing that it's some kind of Carribean thing becuase that's where I'd like to be in February but please, please shed a little light on this lunch.

Andrew in Alabama said...

No plantains? Why not?

This dish looks amazingly delicious, though.