Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Soho Cafe

03-25 Cafe Soho
When the deliciously gritty Brisas del Caribe shuttered down at the corner of Broadway and Broome, we were filled with trepidation for what might come next. When the paper came to down to reveal yet another brightly lit generic lunch eatery, we were worried. But there is always hope until there is not. And today there is not.
We will confirm it here so you do not have to try - Soho Cafe is made for tourists. They is a menu board with every conceivable offering so every taste can be accounted for with actual taste playing no factor at all. Ah well, we kind of expected a rather unmemorable lunch anyway.
Soho Cafe, 489 Broadway at Broome

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Anonymous said...

and 20% too expensive for everything