Wednesday, April 23, 2008

4:00pm ginger thins

04-23 ginger thin
Apparently the way to go with Anna's ginger thins is to pull the entire plastic sleeve out of the box, slit it open lengthwise and voila! No more broken ginger thins. Thanks Kat!
Anna's Ginger Thins


Eva said...

Another way of eating those is to dip them in cold milk. Yum! :-)

Piggy said...

those are the best looking ginger bikkies i've ever seen!

x Celeste and Careme said...

mmmm Careme (my fellow blogospherer) is an awesome chef and ginger biscuit creator- ill have to pass on your tip. thanks!
x Celeste

Anonymous said...

In their native Sweden, the Swedes call them "pepparkakkor".

Front Studio said...

b: thanks for the native note! it's always good to learn the origins of foods in their original tongue.