Friday, April 18, 2008

4:00pm peanut butter chocolate bar

Technical difficulties leaves us helpless and unable to post a delectable photo this afternoon. That does not stop us from indulging in a delicious dessert. Imagine this: a thin layer of chocolate shell lines the bottom of a moist chocolate cake; not entirely unlike an unrolled ho-hos, sans creme. On top, there is a light creamy peanut butter cream cheese (condensed milk?) topping. It's about 3/4" tall/thick and a 2"x 3" rectangle. Enjoy!
Oro Bakery, 375 Broome Street btwn Mulberry and Mott

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mcourie said...

This peanut butter thing is so tasty. I might never have tried it if it hadn't been for your post. Thanks! Oro Bakery is my favorite afternoon spot these days - best lattes in the neighborhood, in my opinion.