Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hampton Chutney

04-15 Hampton Chutney
Hampton Chutney offers southern Indian dosas and uttapas but it's not exactly a bona fide Indian experience, having started in the tony Hamptons and offering fillings like grilled turkey and avocado. Regardless, it remains quite popular with the lunch crowd. We usually avoid eating at the packed and overpriced tables but it can be reasonable if you're sharing a chicken curry dosa or opting for a sandwich. Oh yes and the food is decently good, if you're not going for that whole authentic thing.
Hampton Chutney, 68 Prince Street btwn Lafayette and Crosby

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Anonymous said...

I think this stuffing has been modified according to the crowd and the place. But traditionally dosa is stuffed with spicy onion potato with ghee. But this is again not for regular lunch.

A typical south Indian lunch would be rice, anything with rice.. Checkout the vegetable briyani here