Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunrise Mart

04-28 Sunrise Mart04-28 Sunrise Mart
I don't know about you but slightly chilly damp weather inspires us to seek out something comforting, like the hot food entrees at Sunrise Mart. It's cafeteria style eating but the katsudon and the yakisoba are comfort to the utmost. Yakisoba is straightforward fried noodles while the katsudon comprises a deep fried pork cutlet, a fried egg and white rice. That's pretty homey.
Sunrise Mart, 494 Broome Street near West Broadway


Anonymous said...

Wow! You ladies must go out to eat ALOT. I envy your choices and your eclectic appetites. Whomever is taking the photos, they are gorgeous. I've just started my second blog and am looking for commentaries on my post "En Vino Veritas". I invite you to read it and hopefully leave a note.

Young & Wealthy said...

Ladies, you are making me hungry. I love the photos here. Well done.

keep it up.