Tuesday, May 6, 2008


05-06 Alidoro
We've been waiting for a good warm spring day to go back to Alidoro for sandwiches in the park and today was it. Perfect sandwich-in-the-park weather! The sandwich list at Alidoro is long and dense; finally we settled on the Pavarotti but in a last minute gut instinct switched to the Cortina (speck, provolone, arugula and vinaigrette). It doesn't really matter which sandwich you choose because they are all delightfully fresh, perfectly balanced ingredients with slightly squishy bread.
Alidoro, 105 Sullivan Street, near Spring


Mab said...

I dont know what provolone and arugula are but they look quite interesting.It looks like a tasty sandwich,in fact "whats for lunch" I'm hungry now.

Anonymous said...

to me it doesn't seem like theres not much on that sandwich. so me thinks you got ripped off lol.