Tuesday, May 13, 2008

J. Marc

05-13 J.Marc Tribeca05-13 J. Marc Tribeca
Finally a nice spring day to wander around looking for something good to eat. We head southwest towards Tribeca and stumble upon an odd one - a Korean restaurant, newly opened, called J. Marc. Aside from the pricey dishes and nothing remarkable decor, the food was pretty tasty and the service friendly. There are not so many Korean restaurants down here that we can be picky so J. Marc is sure to merit another visit.
J. Marc Tribeca, 225 West Broadway above Franklin


Andrew in Alabama said...

OK, you've got me now. Bibimbap is a weakness of mine, and that picture has me craving some.


Front Studio said...

It's the best isn't it?

Hilda said...

Ooh, that looks like bibimbap—yummy! Don't care for kimchi myself though.