Friday, June 13, 2008

4:00pm cranberry chocolate chip cookie

06-13 cranberry chocolate chip cookie
Lilus Kikus is a series of short scenarios from the point of view of a young Mexican girl, Lilus. The childish vantage point gives each story a slightly surreal perspective, painting a portrait of Mexico that is superficially enchanting while hiding a dark and subversive undercurrent. Because the stories can be read on several different levels, the book is a nice choice for when you're not really sure what you're in the mood for.
Elena Poniatowska, Lilus Kikus and Other Stories
UNM Press 2005


Ewiczka said...

it must be delicious :) who is Elena Poniatowska? the woman is from Poland?

Front Studio said...

She's a Mexican writer (her father was a Frenchman of Polish origin).
A journalist, essayist, novelist, short story writer during a time in Mexico, where female authors were not taken seriously by the intellectual society.