Monday, June 30, 2008

4:00pm french desserts

06-30 financier
Yesterday was a downtown day of waterfalls and our favorite underrated bakery - Financier Patisserie. Not only have are their desserts tasty but they're pretty affordable as well! And for $21 you could have 1 egg sandwich, 1 french toast plate, 1 large freshly squeezed OJ, 1 hot cup of coffee, 2 madeleines and 2 financiers. What a bargain! Even better, the madeleines and financiers made worthwhile dessert companions one day later.
Financier Patisserie, 35 Cedar Street at 1 Liberty Plaza


JTalpesh said...

these are by far my favorite type of dessert.
Thanks for the location!

Anonymous said...

Mhhh, makes me want to go to the resteraunt.

Greetings Richjerk

Front Studio said...

JT and RJ: We think it's worth a side trip if you're ever downtown NYC. :)