Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ed's Lobster Bar, with MB

06-25 Eds Lobster Bar
We did the inviting, Marybeth did the choosing, and we ended up at Ed's Lobster Bar. A great summer choice, especially since she had never been! Not to mention they serve one of the tastiest bibb salads around. It ranks right up there with the take-out bibb salad found up at the Bouchon Bakery, although infinitely more diverse in ingredients.
Ed's Lobster Bar, 222 Lafayette Street below Spring


Anonymous said...

You gotta mention the asbsolutely, world class, tastiest fries and sweetest steamers one can find in NYC!!!

Front Studio said...

You are SO RIGHT about the fries, they are quite tasty. Sadly we have not tried the steamers! But I think now we have too. :)