Friday, June 6, 2008

IAC Building, with Thu and Tam

06-06 IAC Building
First Conde Nast, then the NY Times Building - today the IAC Building! It's all airy lightness inside; free form workstations interspersed with generous amounts of open space. And everywhere the canted custom glass panels give a wonderful fluidity and carelessness to the whole building. On the top floor a cozy cafe overlooks the Hudson where we sit down to sandwiches, salads and all the free snacks and drinks a person could desire. We're already scheming for the next architecturally fascinating office building lunch. Bloomberg anyone? But for now, thank you Thu!
IAC Building, 555 West 18th Street at the West Side Highway


Anonymous said...

Yen! It was great to see you and Tam. Next time that we meet, remind me to bring either Fat Witch brownies or Ruby & Violette cookies.

100 Thoughts of Love said...

that looks divine