Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Red Egg

06-17 Red Egg06-17 Red Egg06-17 Red Egg06-17 Red Egg
With expectations firmly in place, we head down the block to Red Egg, a newcomer serving "Chinese cuisine 'with a sprinkling of Peruvian'" and apparently, dim sum all day. Usually lunch in newly opened restaurants is a crap shoot, more times than not the experience proves disappointing. Today, however, was a happy exception. We tried a variety of dishes - some dim sum, the steamed juicy buns and a spicy Peruvian chicken dish. Everything was good! The dim sum was not too oily, with a slightly refined palette but still firmly rooted in Chinatown. The prices are not rock bottom cheap but they're pretty decent. A definite must try again.
Red Egg, 202 Centre Street above Hester

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