Thursday, July 10, 2008

Almondine Bakery

07-10 Almondine Bakery07-10 Almondine Bakery
Summer is such a great time for slightly longer lunches in unexplored neighborhoods. Especially when we have a reasonable excuse, like our friend Rene giving a lecture at the Melville House in Dumbo. Because conveniently situated several block away is famed pastry chef Jacques Torre's Almondine Bakery. Where we picked up enough desserts to last us through tomorrow and two rather nice sandwiches. Surprisingly generous with the meat portioning, the salami came on a whole wheat baguette which gave it a very hearty taste while the roast beef on the regular baguette was no slouch either. Dumbo in today's warm but not humid sun was the perfect backdrop with charming cobblestone streets and a breeze off the river.
Almondine Bakery, 85 Water Street btwn bridges

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