Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Caffe Falai, with Iridesco

07-15 Caffe Falai
The pastas at Caffe Falai continue to be pretty tasty, their homemade nature shines through and the sauces are never too heavy. Our only complaint is the prices are too high for lunchtime pasta - $17 for a small plate of potato tortelli with bolognese sauce! Plus, as our evidenced by our Iridesco lunchmates, it's becomes even costlier when you have to buy a snack for later to accommodate the limited portion size now. There is no denying, the homemade pastas are quite yummy - but is it worth it?
Caffe Falai, 265 Lafayette Street below Prince


Jennifer said...

Mmm, the pasta looks yummy. But yikes about the price!

Front Studio said...