Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gahm Mi Oak

07-29 Gahm Mi Oak
A bowl of sul long tang (seolleongtang) with a plate of Gahm Mi Oak's kimchi is just about one of our favorite meals. Seolleongtang is a Korean milky white soup generally consisting of beef brisket, rice noodles and rice itself. Fairly bland until you self-season with the salt and scallions provided at each table, the combination of ingredients is so simple and straightforward that each bowl, every time, will never disappoint you. Add to this a heaping pile of the essence of Korea, kimchi, and you have the perfect meal of contrasts and comfort.
Gahm Mi Oak, 43 West 32nd Street near Broadway


Dave said...

Korean Kimchi is my favorite as well. Its so simple, delicious and goes along with any other dish!

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Front Studio said...

TG: Kimchi, especially the Korean kind, is the BEST!