Friday, July 11, 2008

Saha Thai, with many friends

07-11 Saha Thai
For something easy but reliably good, we pop downstairs to Saha Thai with a new gaggle of friends. Yael we met through Creative Time, she brought Inbar with her, who as it turns out we were in an architectural competition together with and finally a second former Creative Time colleague, Maureen, rounded out the group. The best part of meeting new friends at familar restaurants is they are always apt to order something we haven't tried before. So thanks to Inbar for trying this yummy fried taro root and tofu combo platter! We definitely will be ordering this again.
Saha Thai Cuisine, 227 Centre Street btwn Grand and Broome


Anonymous said...

There is a . missing from

Front Studio said...

Thanks Matthew! You are our own personal proof reader.