Wednesday, August 13, 2008


08-13 Alidoro
Perfect proportions are the secret to any good meal - when all the ingredients, flavors and textures are well balanced - aaah what deliciousness. That is the greatness behind Alidoro's harmonious sandwiches. A slim layer of thinly sliced meats, generous pieces of fresh mozzarella, some arugula for contrast and finally a sprinkle of balsamic vingear for a bit of tartness make every sandwich an utterly satisfying one. And of course the other major player in a great sandwich - the bread. At Alidoro it's never overwhelming and always fresh, a perfect foil for whatever option you choose.
Alidoro, 105 Sullivan Street, near Spring


Traci said...

I love your blog. I put a link to it on my blog, so that I could have a quick way of getting back here. Now whenever I see an update under the link, I click on it and know I'll be in for something good.

Do you do your own photography?

Front Studio said...

Thanks Traci! We're glad you like the site. We do take all our own photos.

usfa women's foil said...

I used to eat here when it was Malampo. I always ate the same sandwich The Alessandro named after the former owner. It was tuna, caponata and provolone. I'm not sure if it's still on the menu. If so I highly recommend it.

Front Studio said...

Aha, the Alessandro! Thanks for the recommendation - it's always our biggest conundrum - which sandwich to get.