Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Delicatessen, with John

We've been waiting for John to try the new hot spot, Delicatessen, still packed a month after its opening. The scene is a bit too hip and decidedly too cool for us, but the menu is innovative and diverse enough that we are intrigued. The highlight of our meal were the surprisingly good cheeseburger spring rolls, an odd American-Chinese fusion combination that somehow manages to hit the spot. The rest of our meal was unremarkable: the cheese on the rueben had solidified by the time it got to us, the pastrami was ok, the fried chicken breading was good but the chicken a little bland and the salad dressing on the watercress and beet salad was eh. On the other hand nothing was so terrible that we wouldn't go back to try some other interesting menu offering. Maybe if the crowds ever lessen.
Delicatessen, 54 Prince Street at Lafayette


usfa women's foil said...

For me Deli is still spelled Katz's. By the way John has been making his rounds on the blogs this week.


Anonymous said...

For summer lunches,
nothing is better than,
Eating with Front Studio
at Delicatessen.

Yummy cheeseburger rolls,
fried in Wesson,
The reuben was all right,
just confessin',

That awful smell
kept us guessin',
Hipster crowds = body odor,
we learned our lesson.