Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ed's Lobster Roll, with Ardency

08-26 Ed's Lobster Bar08-26 Ed's Lobster Bar
Today we join Ardency in their final taste test of the three notable downtown lobster roll venues, starting with the original Pearl, then the first offshoot - Mary's and ending with the latest born of Pearl, Ed's. We all agree that Mary's lobster roll is the tastiest due to generous buttering of the rolls while Ed's lobster has a lightness which makes it a good and fresh alternative. Pearl's, sadly, does not merit much notice. And the contested caesar salad? Well at Ed's it's pretty perfect - light on the dressing, little chopped up bits of anchovies and crusty croutons. And now that we're done with the three? Well on to this list of lobster rolls up and down the Eastern seaboard.
Ed's Lobster Bar, 222 Lafayette Street below Spring

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