Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop

08-05 Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop08-05 Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop
Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop is always top of our list for non-local lunches so anytime we have an excuse to be in the Flatiron District, we can be found lunching at Eisenberg's. Today we opt for the classic tuna salad on toasted rye with an even more classic iceberg lettuce house salad. It is a pretty perfect lunch. The tuna salad is not too heavy with mayonnaise and toasted rye always makes the right accompaniment. The house salad could not be more straightforward nor more light and refreshing.
Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop, 174 Fifth Avenue above 22nd St


usfa women's foil said...

Not only is Eisenberg's a venerable Flatiron institution they also make a great egg salad on toasted rye.

Front Studio said...

ooooh that sounds so good. We're going to have to manufacture another reason to be back there soon.