Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gruppo Thin Crust Pizza

08-12 Gruppo Thin Crust Pizza
It's strange how Gruppo rarely shows up in any "best of" pizza lists when their uber thin crusts and light-handed toppings make for a pretty nice slice. The tomato sauce is a bit sweeter than we remember and pancetta used to be a topping option, which went so deliciously with capers and red onions but in lieu of pancetta the sweet italian sausage ain't bad. The unpretentious nature of the place, favoring local bar over gourmet pizzeria, means its a chill, relaxed atmosphere for enjoying your meal. Best of all, lunch specials range from $5-6.50 and include a free beverage!
Gruppo Thin Crust Pizza, 186 Avenue B btwn 11th and 12th


Andrew in Alabama said...

As a fan of thin-crust pizza, I appreciate this picture and description very much. However.... capers on a pizza? The horror!

Front Studio said...

Hehe, capers on pizza are delicious! Like little bursts of pickled saltiness.