Thursday, August 14, 2008

Li Hua, with Iridesco and Saha

08-14 Li Hua
Large group lunching is advantageous for ordering additional dishes like the always solidly good seafood pajeon (Korean pancake) at Li Hua. The longer you leave it on the sizzling hot stone, the more crispy its surfaces become. A similar effect happens with the hot stone bibimbap dishes, which is why the end of the meal is sometimes even better than the beginning.
Li Hua, 171 Grand Street at Baxter


Manger La Ville said...

This looks really tasty. Are those pickled cucumbers? And all those mushrooms, tofu and noodles. YUM! I am going to have to try this place.

Front Studio said...

Not pickled cucumbers, but it just doesn't matter - all those veggies together in a hot stone ARE delicious.