Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cafe Select

09-23 Cafe Select(2)09-23 Cafe Select
We are total suckers for new lunch options in the 'hood although it's often a crapshoot since the service can be spotty and the food questionable. Today, however, Cafe Select proves us wrong with their opening lunch menu. Well not the service part (still a little spotty), but we left feeling very happily satiated. It's unusual for a place to open serving only lunch but Cafe Select has no shortage of patrons. We cannot resist the bratwurst, a grilled white veal link served with a ketchup-y onion sauce and delicious fried spaetzle (dumpling bits). The entree worked nicely as separate pieces, a bite of bratwurst, a taste of dough, or altogether in one lovely mouthful. The large salad select was no sloucher of a salad either. We're looking forward to trying other parts of the menu as the staff gets alittle more comfortable in their space.
Cafe Select, 212 Lafayette Street at Kenmare


Miss Tiffie said...

the rosti looks so tasty!!! :] i couldn't figure out what it was until i read the description.. it looked kind of like homemade jumbled noodles that were kinda crispy or some... animal innards haha :] can't wait to see what dessert was!!!

Front Studio said...

miss tiffie - sorry! mistake, it wasn't rosti at all, i couldn't remember and then misread the menu. spaetzle - totally different but still very good

Anonymous said...

Inspired by this post, we dropped by Cafe Select yesterday for lunch. The bratwurst there is excellent indeed! My only complaint is that the portions were too small... had to order a 2nd entree to leave satisfied. Sound familiar?! :)

Hope they're still fine-tuning their menu and future visits will leave us with fuller stomachs.