Monday, September 15, 2008


09-15 leftovers
We've been burning the midnight oil with a competition entry handed in today so for the past week and weekend there's been a lot of ordering in, which also means a refrigerator full of leftovers and take-out containers. Contents include: pad thai from Saha Thai, rigatoni ragu from Frank's, young chow fried rice from Nyonya, homemade pork buns from mom, argentinian sausage empanadas from Ruben's and endless munchies and refreshments. Lunch today comprised a little bit of all of that.


Dream Girl said...

Bunny Luv carrots! My workplace offers free fruit during the week and sometimes we get Bunny Luv carrots. I think it's the silliest name/logo, but I love it :-)

California Girl said...

Your refrigerator full of take out is more organized and clean looking than my home fridge! And we just cleaned it out!