Thursday, September 4, 2008

Red Egg, with Tasha

09-04 Red Egg
Sorry Michael for we had not too long ago tried to arrange a lunch together at our new local dim sum restaurant but then it had not yet materialized when Tasha called asking to have dim sum for lunch. And since she's here only temporarily, we had to oblige. Our second visit to Red Egg proves as satisfying as the first. It's a strange atmosphere, many lunching Chinese ladies in a ultra modern decor with no carts but a paper menu and servers rushing around to refill tea and clean up plates. The steamed juicy buns were not juicy enough and maybe too meaty but the stuffed tofu (above) was deliciously fresh. As usual most everything we tried, we enjoyed. Of particular note were the stuffed green peppers and the steamed shrimp rice roll.
Red Egg, 202 Centre Street above Hester

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