Monday, October 20, 2008

Congee Village

10-20 Congee Village
Sorry for the poor picture quality but we rushed out of the office in anticipation of a hot, nourishing bowl of congee, not realizing neither of us had brought a camera. Which left us with a poor camera-phone substitution that will not depict for you the simple deliciousness of a bowl of congee. So you will have to take our word for it or head over to Congee Village on the Bowery to try for yourself.
Congee Village, 207 Bowery btwn Rivington and Spring


Anonymous said...

What's the dish aside from the congee? Did it come with it?

Front Studio said...

We ordered this from the dim sum section of the menu, never tried it before. "Fried rice roll with shrimp", it came with some hoisin sauce. Very tasty take on typical rice roll/ crepe dish.