Friday, October 10, 2008

George's Sandwich Shop

10-09 philly cheesesteak10-09 roast pork sandwich
Yesterday we were in Philly to sit on a design jury for an ID design charrette at the University of the Arts. Never one to turn down an invitation for travel, we also can not resist the urge to try something good outside of our normal eating radius. Combine an ongoing craving for cheesesteaks, a quick perusal of chowhound opinions along with a nice day for a walk, we end up at the Italian Market - more specifically at George's. It's the squishy-ness of the bread that makes these sandwiches a delight to eat. Messy, sloppy and full of flavor both the cheesesteak and the even more highly recommended roast pork sandwich were a perfect stop on the way to school.
George's Sandwich Shop, 900 South 9th Street in Philadelphia, PA


Fiorilla Designs said...

When in the Italian Market, definitely stop by Isgro's Pastries for the cannoli. Get the standard ricotta cheese cannoli. They are less sweet than the ones served in New York, but you will savor the filling with it's tiny chocolate chips and citron among the creamy ricotta and mascarpone filling.

Actually, any dessert at Isgro's is wonderful. Unfortunately, they are take out only, but on a sunny day you can find a bench or a park to sit.

Fiorilla Designs
Philadelphia, PA

Anonymous said...

your pic makes me want to inhale my computer :)

Front Studio said...

f - thanks for the recommendation! we'll have to remember for the next time we're in town

h - you're not the first one who's told us that. :) glad you like the pics