Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halal Cart on Houston

10-15 halal cart
Happiness is another warm day of outdoor eating. We had half an hour to coordinate a quick lunch so resorting to most convenient and quickest option we picked up some meat over rice from the halal cart on Houston. It's not as good as the Spring and Lafayette one and doesn't even begin to compare to midtown carts. But enjoying a messy, smelly meal outdoors has its own merits.
Halal Food Cart on the south side of Houston btwn Broadway and Crosby


spanky said...

Haven't been in the area lately, but Sammy's Halal (Vendy 2006 winner) used to have a cart on 4th Street just east of Broadway. It's my vote for best street meat in that area if you're willing to trek a few block north to see if they're still there.

Front Studio said...

great tip! we'll definitely have to take a look for sammy's cart. there is one that parks on lafayette right above houston but apparently not for lunch.